Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Auntie

Can you think of a Caption for this photo…….?

o.k. my turn, why don't I just tell you what happened next. In the Cadboro Bay Starbucks there are two doors. The boys wanted to go out onto one patio that no one was on. I thought that would be fine. Once out the door they thought it would be fun to have a race from one door to the next and make an entrance. Very fun if Starbucks would have been empty. Then they wanted to try supersonic slow motion running. That was ok until Rainn fell and skinned his elbow. Luckily the nice lady sitting @ the table next to us had band aids and thought Rainn was cute. So we all went to the washroom and cleaned his elbow.

After the race we decided to go and pick up Kelly but I guess Rainn wasn’t done racing as he thought a good old game of tag would be fun, except, that lead to racing around the building. As they rounded the building where the car was I attempted to capture Rainn. Now Rainn is a slippery little sucker so I couldn’t catch him. Ethan was in pursuit of him again. We finally captured him where I dragged him back to the car.
Ethan opened the car door to get into the car and at that time our dog daisy decided to jump out. I suppose daisy thought we were all just having so much fun she should join in the fun too. Luckily I caught her leash in time before she knocked down any tables or barked and pounced on the little 5 lbs dog that staring fearfully out from its owners legs at this crazy scene that was unfolding!
I got daisy, the boys and my coffee all safely into the car where I was feeling flabbergasted at the mayhem I promptly scolded and told them we would never be going to Starbucks together again. We took the 5 minute drive to the University where Ethan felt remorse over the scene at Starbucks, Rainn on the other hand felt no remorse and was mad he couldn't reach his apple juice.

We arrived at the University. I told everyone (meaning I told Rainn) NOT to unbuckle which he promptly did and then decided to punch his brother and climb on him for a wrestle.

Love My Life


I bet you wish you were here! lol!

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